Take back your lands and destroy your enemies in Castle Crusade,
the strategic catapult battle game, NEW for iOS.

Your king has been betrayed, throwing your world into chaos. You must rebuild, set up defenses, recruit heroes and create the perfect strategy to crush the castles of your enemies to dust.

Real-time PvP battles await you, as well as a rich solo campaign to take back what’s yours and restore peace to the land. Every victory is unique, offering deep strategic customization including catapult upgrades, magic powers, over 10 heroic allies and much more.

Jump into Castle Crusade today, a game of offence and defense with epic catapult action.

Key features:

  • Take down the castles of your enemies with 3D catapult warfare!
  • Real-time PvP battles and online leaderboards, as well as a rich solo campaign
  • Customize your strategy with catapult upgrades, magical powers and more
  • Detailed catapult gameplay that’s easy to learn, challenging to master
  • Recruit a vibrant cast of heroic allies, including wizards, warriors, dragons  and more
  • Fling fire, stone, acid, or explosives at opponents with dramatic effects!
  • Construct the ultimate castle and strengthen your village, protecting yourself against defeat




The First Step in Your Campaign

Customise your castle and protect yourself against defeat. Use hay, wood, steel or a combination of all three – the choice is yours.


Select heroes to match your battle plan

Strike fear into your enemies with an all-star line up. Choose from 13 heroes to create the ultimate team.


“Enter the Fray”

Attack your enemies, defend your lands and win the epic battle!

castle crusade setup
castle crusader
castle crusade battle



The Advisor

It’s me! I use magic to help with aiming your catapult. It will only use mana while you’re aiming. Also, if you didn’t notice, I’m kinda the only person who believes in you — so it would be nice if you brought me along!

The King

His Royal Highness use his Royal Haunches to block projectiles. He will help protect the keep as though his life depended on it (which it kinda does).

The Blacksmith

Uses his Magical Hammer to summon a powerful earthquake under the enemy. It’s certainly a hammer, and not a fart. (No matter what Clara says).

The Storm Mage

Summons a powerful Lightning Storm above the enemy. Some would say she would be of better use powering mechanical marvels that would launch us into the next age. But we don’t have time for that right now.

The Dragon

The fearsome Dragon can only be hit while she flies. She also hates wars and just wants to be friends with everyone. Unfortunately when she talks she sprays fire everywhere and ends up burning the enemy to the ground … Oh well.

The Hawk Rider

The massive hawk will destroy soldiers. She doesn’t work for us, it’s just super convenient the hawk needs a feed whenever we’re fighting.

The Warrior

William will teleport to your last shot projectile, fly through the air, does a spin attack and takes out the enemy. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners.

The Wizard

He summons a forcefield to protect anything nearby. We’d love for him to just do this constantly, but he said something like “That would make the game too easy” which was super confusing. But we don’t question wizards.

The Ice Queen

She’ll freeze the enemy’s catapult, slowing its reload speed and making it difficult to shoot. She’s also terrible on dates.

The Mirror Queen

She will reverse the controls on the enemy’s catapult which is sure to mess with their heads. As a side-note, she’s also unbearably vain.

The Dwarf

Increase the reload speed of your catapult and increases the pressure on men to grow long, luxurious beards.

The Archer

Shoots arrows at enemy soldiers. He’s kind of Legolas but without all the needless show-pony acrobatics.


The almighty evil villain who used dark magic to overthrow our King and cover our lands in darkness. His incredible power will zap your incoming missiles with electricity bolts and destroy them. Too bad he’s going to lose the battle against us … right?