Name : Big Game Company
Developer : Big Game Company is an Australian based mobile
games independent developer
Established : 2018
Platforms : IOS and Android
Press Contact :
Designer, Producer : Terry Thanasis
Programmer : Bill Trikojus
Marketing : Angela Milevski

BGC is a small games development company with a focus on making games for mobile phones…for now. The team is passionate about all things games (think board-games, cards, console, tablet, computer) and as such, the creation of Big Game Company is an opportunity to convert those passions into their long life dream of producing their very own game.

Based in Melbourne and country Victoria, working remotely has only enhanced the creativity and output from this independent game company. With their combined talents in coding, game design and production, at its core Big Game Company is essentially about creating quality games with heart.

Terry had his first number 1 hit on the App store in 2012 with the self-funded game Catapult King (co-produced with Wicked Witch). After the success of his game, Terry founded The Big Game Company where the goal is to release quality titles on a regular basis.

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