About Us

Big Game Company is a small team of gamers who approach game development with the same eagerness, passion and devotion as

  •  the first time they unboxed (before unboxing became a YouTube thing) an Atari 2600 and having every arcade game at their disposal   
  • owning their very first computer in the form of a classic Commodore 64     
  • Saving Princess Peach from Bowser on their battered Nintendo

Scattered throughout the east coast of Australia, from Sydney to Melbourne, and everywhere in between, working remotely has only enhanced the creativity and output from this team. With their combined talents in coding, art design, storytelling and game play, at its core Big Game Company is essentially about creating quality games with heart.

The executive producer, Terry, had his first number 1 hit on the App store 8 years ago with the self funded game Catapult King (co-produced with Wicked Witch). After the success of his game, Terry founded The Big Game Company and it’s finally at a stage where the company can release titles on a regular basis. 

Game Company is on track to release 5 games in the next 12 months so stay tuned.


Game for app store Castle Crusade