Making games with heart – that we love to play.

Everyday Peeps
Everyday Peeps is a breezy and charming arcade inspired game that pays homage to all the fun retro games of the 1980s. It is the perfect game to pass-the-time when you need a break. The addictive game play includes a twist on the Pinball, Space Invaders and Frogger genre to name but a few.

Castle Crusade
Ever played Crossbows and Catapults growing up? Castle Crusade is inspired by this board game made popular in the 1980s. Build your castle using various blocks to defend from other players and then use your catapult to take down your opponents castles in this multiplayer game. The game offers both real-time PvP and a single-player campaign.

Big War Little Soldiers: WW2
Big War Little Soldiers: WW2 is a grand strategy decision making game that also combines arcade battles. Don’t just watch the battles – immerse yourself in the action and fight in retro style shoot ups set against super cute backdrops!

Big Game Company is a small collective of independent game developers who live, breath and dream games; despite our small size, we have BIG ambitions.

Our main focus is on quality mobile games that are visually appealing, intuitive gaming, charismatic and quirky, and most importantly, FUN to play.

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